“For Your Sorrows” ft. George Clinton & Too $hort (MP3)

    Big Boi has been telling anyone who would listen for more than year that his long-delayed Sir Luscious Left Foot, would be an album on par with some of OutKast’s best, but until this Spartan track, “For Your Sorrows,” that was just bluster. “For Your Sorrows” features George Clinton and Too $hort, and is built on a plucky and desolate synth line, and Boi rush-raps in a way that is very similar to his verses on “B.O.B.” The title doesn’t give it away, but “For Your Sorrows” is about the “dope on dope” as Clinton says at the beginning. This is probably the best track related to OutKast since SpeakerBoxxx/The Love Below. 


    Sir Luscious Left Foot is forthcoming. [NahRight]