“For What It’s Worth” (Live On Leno) (Video)


    It’s too bad Stevie Nicks didn’t pick out a classic Fleetwood Mac track to perform on Jay Leno’s show last night (July 28). Let’s face it, who really wants to hear a song from her recently released solo album, ? Wouldn’t we rather revel in the glossy coke-fueled excesses of “Dreams” or “Sara”? Yes, of course we would, but instead we have to make do with the pallid “For What It’s Worth,” which is such a transparent attempt to recreate past glories that Lindsey Buckingham must have been thinking about calling his lawyer. Nicks is still in great voice, which is something at least—you just might want to look away as she tries to act out the actions she sings about in the song with her hands. [via In Your DreamsThe Audio Perv]