“For The Record” (Video)

    Coney Island, Brooklyn native Torae dropped what was easily one of the strongest rap projects of 2011 in For The Record. But it was also heavily slept-on, perhaps because people were too quick to assume it was just “another lyrical NYC record.” It’s fucked that people could think that, but that’s another story.

    Ultimately, hip-hop needs gritty, straight-up boom-bap like that heard on For The Record. It provides a balance and just sounds really good when all you’ve been listening to is, say, Gunplay and Juicy J for the past few hours. So take a break from the hooligan shit and enjoy some undeniably fresh rap music from Torae and DJ Premier, the latter of whom produced “For The Record.” And better yet, do so by checking out the track’s new video below. [PIMB]