Black Sabbath Live in Paris, 1970 (Video)


    Exactly 40 years ago today, Ozzy Osbourne was young and handsome, blues rock was up and coming, and a band called Black Sabbath had just released the soon-to-be seminal Paranoid (the album hit U.K. streets in October of 1970). Here’s a slew of raw — yet surprisingly watchable — footage of the foursome playing songs off said album at Paris’s Olympia, and having a damn good time all the while.


    This is a Sabbath you’ve probably never seen. The band members are notably unadorned, spare a few dangling crucifixes. They’re also clearly sans roadies: The second clip shows the band positioning their own microphones, and then, as if that weren’t DIY enough, drummer Bill Ward nails his drums to the stage. Talk about metal.

    Originally aired on British television, the footage was just recently uploaded to YouTube in 11 parts. The first of those parts can be viewed above, and you can catch the rest at Invisible Oranges.