‘Fly Guys’ EP

    For most people a birthday is all about the gifts they receive. By contrast, Tanya Morgan rapper Donwill is making a habit of celebrating the day by giving something back to his fans. Last year he released an mixtape named ‘DPPLGNGR,’ this year he offers up Fly Guys, his collaboration with Kay of The Foundation. The 9-track EP is produced by The Are and 8 Months, with guest spots from artists including Von Pea, Che Grand and The Luv Bugz.

    Writing on his website, Donwill introduces Fly Guys as follows:

    It’s my birthday and as usual I come bearing gifts. This one is pretty special in my opinion because I never thought that it would see the light of day. Well thanks to D. Randle, FWMJ and of course Kay it finally is ready for your ears. While I won’t say when it was recorded I will say it stood the test of time very well and it sounds even better today than it did all of those times I played it on my ipod and wished you guys could hear it along with me.

    Earlier this week Damien Randle, who also features on the EP, wrote a piece on Rappers I Know that goes into a little more detail about how Fly Guys came to be released. He explains how the fully realized  project suddenly disappeared and goes on to describe his own role in salvaging it from Kay’s computer.

    Listen to Fly Guys below and don’t forget to wish Donwill a happy birthday. [2DBZ]