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Flo Rida: "Sugar" ft. Wynter (Video)


On a recent two hour road trip, I heard Flo Rida's "Sugar" six times on three different stations. At one point, I even switched stations to avoid it, and found it on another one. Which leads me to believe that either people really like the toothless, characterless track, or Flo Rida's record company has a robust payola budget. My hope in humanity leads me to believe the latter, but I know it's the former, since "Sugar" just got a video that approaches the awfulness of the Eiffel 65-sampling track (seriously, I've seen less mugging for the camera at a kindergarten Christmas recital), and they don't make music videos for songs no one likes. I assume.


Dear Mr. Rida: Please stop. Sincerely, Andrew. [Angry Ape]

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Flo Rida

this is the first time i've heard this song, and i feel that i could hear it about 43 more times before hating it.

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According to my calculations, you will hate it in a little over 14 hours of radio listening.

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