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Flo Rida: "Sugar" ft. Wynter (Live on Jimmy Kimmel) (Video)

Flo Rida's record company is attempting to make his current single, "Sugar," as big of a hit as his last one, "Right Round." Considering the guy has really only had two hits, and each from a different album, I'm not betting that it can take off to the same point as "Right Round." In furthering that goal, Flo performed the Eiffel 65-sampling song on Kimmel last night with yet another non-descript female singer, Wynter. If the Eiffel 65 sample wasn't clearly used because Flo couldn't come up with anything on his own, it could actually be held up as a post-modern hit, but I'm sure no one in Flo's camp was considering the artistic implications of using the sample--he was worried about moving iTunes singles.


Flo Rida's R.O.O.T.S. is out now.  

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Flo Rida

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