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Flo Rida: "Right Round" ft. Ke$ha (Live on American Idol) (Video)

This is one of the first performances of Flo Rida's "Right Round" that actually features Ke$ha, the previously unseen hook girl responsible for lending the song something resembling pitch and "singing." Not that her presence made Rida's performance of the song on American Idol last night any better; it was pretty awful, as Flo spent most of the performance trying to catch his breath after dancing at the beginning. At least this song isn't number one in the country any moe. Now it's that insufferable Black Eyed Peas track "Boom Boom Pow."

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Flo Rida

I thought it was vulgar and talentless. My kids wanted to know what all that crap meant. I had to turn it off.


that wasn't Ke$ha.. Ke$ha is a blond girl!! that was Wynter.. the girl who is featured on Sugar!!!


What's so notable about this is how American Idol is embracing hip hop this season. They've kept it at an arm's distance before, but they probably realized more people would tune into see Kanye and Flo Rida instead of Neil Sedaka. I expect to see Black Eyed Peas on there in a few weeks.

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I dont understand why Ke$ha is never seen. Wynter doesnt sing the song, yet she "performs" it live with Flo-Rida and she's even in the Music Video. It makes no sense.


He was just awful on the show. It's a good single, but he can't carry a tune, and his dancing's even worse.

Just dreadful

Blo Rida

its a good single but u need ta be a better dance


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