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Flash Bang Grenada: "Beat My Bitch"

We first got wind of the collaborative force between Nocando and Busdriver in 2009 when we premiered "Least Favorite Rapper," their joint track on Busdriver's Jhelli Beam. He would soon return the favor, appearing on the hook and third verse of "Two Track Mind" off Nocando's Jimmy the Lock. Given the strength of both tracks, we were interested, to say the least, in the possibility of the two West Coast rappers joining forces.


And that is exactly what they have done here as Flash Bang Grenada, a name they first announced last September. It took them some time to get some actual music out to the masses, though, as "Beat My Bitch" was uploaded to Busdriver's YouTube channel only a few days ago.


The track falls in line with what we have heard from the duo previously. Nocando is charismatic and more traditional with his delivery while Busdriver is his usual erratic self as he jumps into every nook and cranny of Nosaj Thing's thudding beat. Oh, and about the beat -- that's the "bitch" they're referring to in the title and throughout the song, which really finds its legs when the two MCs go head to head in the third verse. Get excited, hip-hop fans, especially those of you with a penchant for California alt-rap.


Stream the track below.




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Flash Bang Grenada

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