“Film The Police” F. Sage Francis, Toki Wright & Jasiri X (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    With the ubiquity of videos and pictures through various social media outlets, the ability to spread news goes beeyond the outcry of a group or individual. As such, you no longer have to say “Fuck the Police” if you’re unhappy with police brutality. You can film them instead and make sure the world knows about it.

    At least, that’s the peaceful, albeit clearly aggravated, message being spread by political rapper/poet B. Dolan on “Film the Police.” He and his like-minded guests — Rhymesayers spitter Toki Wright and Pittsburgh native Jasiri X — go all the way in lyrically over a revisioning of N.W.A. classic “Fuck the Police” by U.K. producer Buddy Peace.

    All three MCs, who are introduced by Dolan’s buddy Sage Francis, deliver a biting look at police brutality the world over, an issue that has become increasingly relevant in the States during the Occupy movement. Whether or not you agree on their stance, you can’t argue against their passion and how well this all came together.

    You can stream and download the track below, where you can also watch the music video. Check out all of the lyrics here.