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Field Music: "Measure" (MP3 - Download)

David and Peter Brewis are reuniting after stints with School of Language and the Week That Was, respectively. Field Music (not to be confused with the Field, Field Mice, Fields, Magnetic Fields, etc.), who have been on hiatus since 2007’s Tones of Town, intend to release a double album early next year called Measure. In order to whet our appetite, Field Music has given us a sneak peek with the title track. Melodic guitars, keyboards made to sound like cellos, rolling-thunder drums, and soaring harmonies come together with all the pomp and circumstance we’ve come to expect from the Brit brothers. [Via: Stereogum, Pitchfork]

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Field Music

Field Music's Measure album is an astounding achievement for two young songwriters. The Brewis brothers are compelling song writers and arrangers who work in a short pop song format; but they bring polyrythms, melodic development, and sophisticated harmonies to their 3-4 minutes gems. Their lyrics also show a wisdom too,far beyond their years.
They use many of the same compositional skills that can be heard in "progressive rock" bands. But they keep their melodies more accessible and their thematic development concise by working in the short pop song frame work. The fact that both brothers alternate between playing lead guitar and singing and playing drums may explain why their songs have so much rhythmic drive as well as variety.

If you had to pick a comparison of who they may sound like you could say Beatles melody, Beach Boy harmony and Gentle Giant rhythmic development.

Their music is also very well recorded and is a sonic delight with a great variety of timbres. And if you like headphone listening this is a particularly delightful album to listen to on headphones.

They deserve wide spread recognition and I hope they continue to write and evolve their work with the strong degree of musicality that they have brought to such fruition on "Measure".

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