“Feral Envelope” / “Aries”

    Not gonna lie, I was expecting a band named Blood Diamonds to be part of this whole witch house thing, or maybe just really like “Diamonds From Sierra Leone.” Instead, Miguel Posco crafts instrumentals of baleairic ambiance with vague flecks of tropicalia. In fact, that picture is a pretty great summation of dude’s sound. The Pop Manifesto is releasing a single, the one-two punch of “Feral Envelope” and “Aries.” The pair of tracks both cut up, stretch, speed up and slow down human vowel sounds that swarm around the clouds of synths, kettle drums, and nighttime beach party dance energy. It’s simultaneously calming and engaging, letting the listener choose whether to drift away or invest fully. Either way, you win. Check out both tracks from the single below. [Fader]