“Farmer’s Daughter”

    After years of drug addiction, a tumultuous relationship with supermodel Kate Moss, four albums between two bands, and one solo album, Pete Doherty is back with his group Babyshambles, along with a new album Sequel To The Prequel. 

    Doherty is most famous for co-founding the indie rock group the Libertines. The group disbanded in 2004 due to Doherty’s drug problems. Shortly after the breakup of the Libertines, Doherty released Down In Albion, his first album with Babyshambles.

    Sequel To The Prequel is the band’s first record in five years, following the release of their 2007 album Shotter’s Nation. Babyshambles have returned with a roaring pop anthem, “Farmer’s Daughter,” the second track released off their upcoming album. The band released their first single “Nothing Comes To Nothing,” earlier this month. The track has all the classic Babyshambles components to it. Guitarist Mick Whitnall blasts loud, twangy guitar riffs that are covered by Doherty’s melodic vocals. The song has a revitalizing energy to it and feels very redemptive. Sequel To The Prequel out Sept. 2.