FADER Mix F. Drake, Suicide & Tom Waits

    Like his FACT mix before it, Shlohmo’s mix for FADER is more than just a playlist of the young producer’s favorite tunes. It also sounds a cassette that’s been dragged through the mud, stomped on, and pieced back together. But it’s that gritty lo-fi sound that makes both Shlohmo’s own material and these mixes so engaging. He knows how to use hissing white noise to his advantage, though it’s not done in an obnoxious fashion. His use of Tom Wait’s “Alice,” which ends the mix, sounds lifted from a tape, but it’s not harsh on the ears. The same goes for tracks like Drake’s “Fancy,” which has been slowed to a crawl, and James Pants’ already-bizarre “Strange Girl.”

    You can stream and download the mix below. The track listing is available at FADER.

    Shlohmo’s FADER Mix by The FADER