With their new Total Decay EP due out this coming Monday, it was the perfect time for Luis Vasquez’s the Soft Moon to provide a mix for the folks at FACT Magazine. Not only that, but can you think of a better time for the Bay Area band to release their latest blend of haunting post-punk? I can’t.

    The same goes for their FACT mix, which features 40 minutes worth of equally chilling tunes from the acts that helped shape Vasquez’s band. It gets off to an especially jarring start with NO MORE’s “Suicide Commando,” which is like the scariest caffeine jolt ever. You can stream the mix and view its track listing below.

    1. NO MORE “Suicide Commando”
    2. Chrome “New Age”
    3. Les Provisoires “Quiet Room”
    4. 13th Chime “Cursed”
    5. SIC “Voltage Control”
    6. Tristan T “Nordlys”
    7. Total Control “Paranoid Video”
    8. Cinema 90 “In Ultra Violet”
    9. Sods “Roller Ball”
    10. Siekiera “Misiowie Puszy?ci”