“Face The Facts” (Prod. DJ Premier)

    Here’s the deal: Mac Miller isn’t a terrible rapper. Yeah, we have all clowned on him and will continue to do so, but the Pittsburgh native can flow. With that said, Miller is terribly boring. Even when he’s spitting on a DJ Premier beat and switching flows on “Face the Facts,” dude still sounds like he’s doing a rapping version of sleep-walking. There’s just something about his way, way too laid-back voice and cadence that makes you yawn rather than say “Oh shit, he can actually spit!” It’s not that “Face the Facts” is even that bad, it’s just not that good, either. If you’re still interested in Miller, though, you can find this song on his upcoming 92 ‘Til Infinity mixtape, which is due out soon. His debut, Blue Slide Park, drops Nov. 1.

    You can stream the track below.

    [DJ Premier Blog]