“F A Chorus” (Video) (Directed By Kreayshawn)

    Fresh off the release of his killer Bitch I’m A Player EP, the Bay Area’s Roach Gigz comes through with some visuals for standout cut “F A Chorus.” As the track’s title implies, there’s nary a hook to be found on here. Instead, Gigz just spits over the vocal sample-heavy banger for nearly three minutes straight and shouts out Dora the Explorer, dreams of owning a mansion, and how he’s really 5’7″ but he sounds 5’8″. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, it is. And it’s also a lot of fun. The same goes for the visuals directed by Kreayshawn, who shot the video with Gigz while the two were goofing off in Times Square this past April. Is it safe to assume most of us will be OK with Kreayshawn as long as she stops rapping and just shoots videos? I know I would be.