“Eyes Be Closed” (Star Slinger Remix)

    We previously heard Grimes’ killer take on Washed Out’s Within and Without single, “Eyes Be Closed,” last June. It was also revealed then that the song would eventually get remixed by acts like Lovelock and Star Slinger. The latter’s version has now made its way online and, like Grimes before him, Star Slinger has certainly had his way with “Eyes Be Closed” and then some.


    The U.K.-based producer’s remix is about two minutes shorter than the original, which allows him to turn it into, well, a Star Slinger track. It’s got a trap music bounce that serves as the canvas for hair-trigger hi-hats, bright synths, and airy/chipmunked vocals. Had the vocals not remained a prominent piece, I would have questioned whether or not a rapper should jump on this remix. Hell, I could still hear someone like Shady Blaze killing that beat.


    You can stream the remix below.


    Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed (Star Slinger Remix) by WeirdWorldRecordCo