‘Extended Nightmares Getdown’ (EP)

    This past June, Los Angeles spitter Open Mike Eagle dropped one of the better (and unfortunately more slept-on) records of the year in Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes. He’s been touring pretty hard ever since, though that doesn’t mean the super-sharp Project Blowedian hasn’t found time to also lay down some new tracks. Perhaps as a means of proving that point — or just as away to share some ill previously unreleased tunes — he put together the Extended Nightmares Getdown: The Dark Blue Door EP.

    It features a remix of Rappers Will Die highlight “Nightmares” by Busdriver, who also produced one of the EP’s more interesting cuts in “Four Days.” On that track, Mike Eagle and Chicago spitter Serengeti wax on various instances in which they have clogged their friends’ toilets. Ridiculous, but awesome. You can download the EP here and view the track listing below. [LA Times]

    1. Nightmares (Busdriver Remix)
    2. Billy’s Quagmire (prod. Blockhead)
    3. Four Days feat. Serengeti (prod. Busdriver)
    4. The Secret to Negro Alchemy (prod. N/A)
    5. Experimental Dream FLCL (prod. Awkward)