“Every Love That Ever Was” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)


    Aside from an EP that dropped last year, Home Video has been relatively quiet since October 2006. It was then that the the duo released its solid debut, No Certain Night or Morning, and lead single “Sleep Sweet.”


    And now, the Brooklyn-based electronic act is promoting its sophomore effort, The Automatic Process. It’s led by an equally soothing and epic track,”Every Love That Ever Was,” that follows the vibe set by the debut. Here, Collin Ruffino’s breathy, building vocals drive the song into its huge hook, built on the keys and synths of David Gross.


    “Every Love That Ever Was” is fully realized through watching its eye-catching visuals, though, which apparently boast 100 pounds of circuits and 20 pounds of batteries. That might seem kind of random out of context, but you will get it once you see those pieces put together here by Ruffino and Gross. It actually makes for a moving experience as the gaze at their creation amongst the sea of rising chords.


    The Automatic Process is out now.