“Evening’s Kiss”

    After checking out this interesting story on outsider Chicago artist Willis Earl Beal, I’m not sure what exactly I can tell you about this song. It’s called “Evening’s Kiss,” and it’s the first song released off Beal’s upcoming album, Acousmatic Sorcery, which will be out on XL Recordings’ new imprint label, Hot Charity.

    Beal, a songwriter of the Daniel Johnston cloth (aside from making music, both seem to be constantly drawing–if you write to him, he’ll apparently draw something for you), sings in a pretty whisper through varying rhyme schemes and minimalist melodies. As Johnston’s often are, Beal’s lyrics are touching, but also bring with them a black lining of general sadness. This feeling is exemplified in the line, “Ask me who I’m with and I tell you I’m without.” You can listen to “Evening’s Kiss” below, and look for Acousmatic Sorcery out March 20.