“E.T.” f. Kanye West (Remix)

    It’s OK, we all know why you’re checking out this track from Katy Perry. And no, it’s not to ogle her cleavage, though you’re probably doing that, too. You’re here to find out exactly how Kanye West fits into the remix of her otherwise painful “E.T.” single. Well, he does the typical guest rapper-thing at first by jumping on the intro to the track, which actually would have been fine because his verse is pretty entertaining. But he emerges for a second time during the breakdown for another quick set of bars that has him discussing the finer points of space hookups. Also, “pockets on Shrek” is totally my new favorite way of saying, “I’m rich, bitch!”


    Stream the remix below.


    Katy Perry ft. kanye West – E.T. remix by jaleenarose