“Equal Dreams” F. Solange Knowles

    If you heard his work as part of Chairlift, then you already know that Brooklyn’s Aaron Pfenning has a thing for catchy synthesizer-driven jams. And some of you might even be more acquainted with his affinity for synths if you have heard his work under the alias Rewards, which he has been using since 2003. If neither is the case, then consider this your chance to hear just how much dude loves his machinery and, more importantly, how well he blends them. “Equal Dreams” is a dreamy dance duet between Pfenning and Solange Knowles, who complements his breathy baritone with a bouncy falsetto. They’re a perfect match, especially when they’re sharing vocal duties over layers of synths, bass, guitar, and drum machines.


    You can stream the track at Pitchfork. The “Equal Dreams” 7″ single is out now on DFA Records.