“Epizootics!” (Video)

    Scott Walker has been defying conventions for nearly half a century now, and for those that want to find out how a former teen idol could turn into an avant-garde mastermind, you should check out the fascinating documentary Scott Walker: 30 Century Man. Though he grew somewhat hermetic over the past few decades, a recent signing to 4AD has prompted Walker to step back into the light. He’s touring again and giving interviews, and on Dec. 4, he’ll release Bish Bosch, his first album since 2006’s The Drift.

    The first taste from the upcoming LP comes in the form of the video for “Epizootics!”, a ten-minute exercise in dramatic artistry. The visuals follow suit, often cued up by Walker’s operatic voice to show splices of dancers dancing, spiders crawling across flesh, and what looks to be earthworms falling out of the sky. Yep, it’s certainly a Scott Walker production. Watch it below.


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