“Empire State of Mind” (MP3)


    If you live anywhere else, it’s really easy to resent New York for its position as the de facto cultural capital of the United States, and its residents’ reveling in that fact, and indirectly lording it over everyone else. Listening to Jay-Z’s love letter to the city, “Empire State of Mind,” it becomes a little harder to hate. Jay-Z runs through the verses, spitting free associations like, “Caught up in the in-crowd/ now you’re in style/ Anna the winter (Wintour) is cold/in Vogue with your skin out,” all said with a sonic grin you can virtually hear in the track. The hating doesn’t become any easier during the chorus, when Alicia Keys hits the “big joyous vocal moment switch,” bolstered by the beat’s sparse piano stabs and snare hits. If you’re feeling bitter, you’ll have to ease up on the negativity for these four minutes and 37 seconds.



    Jay-Z “Empire State of Mind”



    DJ Semtex interviewed Jay-Z today and post interview, he tweeted the following:

    So Hov has a track on the Blueprint 3 called ‘Empire state of Mind’, who do you think features on it………….


    People are speculating that Nas does the guest spot although then everyone would be comparing the track to “NY State of Mind.” We’ll update this post with the audio of the song once it becomes available.


    [Source: Semtex Twitter via Nah Right]