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Eminem: "Old Time's Sake" ft. Dr. Dre (MP3)

So it turns out Eminem's stilted faux-patois isn't just isolated to first Relapse single "We Made You"; here's an MP3 of album cut "Old Time's Sake," which features Eminem stuttering lines about his foreskin, smoking weed, and killing people (aka his normal topics). The most notable part of "Old Time's" is Dr. Dre's verses, which are the most inspired of his current comeback trail. Granted, all of the good doctor's words are about getting ripped, but, hey, he's always been rapping about that. 


I'm betting this is probably going to be rap purists' favorite track on Relapse, since it features Em's wordplay sans superfluous celebrity digs, and the beat is of a high caliber Dr. Dre vintage.


Relapse is due out on May 19. [NahRight]


Eminem feat. Dr. Dre - Old Time’s Sake (Produced by Dr. Dre)



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Beat is tight as hell!!!

Hope shady talks about some real life situations on his new record though

love em always


good 2 c slim shady BACK!!!!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif hazey

This is probably the first of the tracks I've heard from Relapse that has made me smile. Em is still solid, but it's soooo frustrating because of how amazing he can be and he hasn't made me that excited for some time. It's unfair, but he's set an incredibly high bar for himself.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/ivanmitchell/clockwork_bart2.jpg ivanmitchell

King of the beats ya ride to em' in ya FLEETWOOOOODDD!!


Man! I like this song it could be the next forgot about dre with the new era best out of the whole four relapse songs i've heard so far but hiphop's been is losing it's flavor only some artist are keeping it real most of the other stuff that u hear on the radio and clubs are u lazy ass just cut and paste of european or other music with beats nothing original hope em, 50, jay's and dre's records will bring back the flavor for 2009


This song is hot. Im gona get relapse when it comes out i can't wait. The beat to this song is so dope and catchy ya just can't stop listening to it.


Damn bro this songs dank finally some light at the end of slim shady's tunnel


Damnnn that s*its sickkkk beat is tight and both of theyre flows are str8. good song.


Eminem is good, i'm not a hater. Been to two concerts, but this accent is annoying. I know he may be doing it to makes his words ryhme correctly, but he sounds stupid when every song is like that now. I've bought all of the albulms before but i honestly can't say i will this time. Lyrically he can kill it. He just needs to keep it simple and not play around so much. I would think he would realize thats not what the fans want from him.

any mouse

em is the best, easily my favorite, this songs sick, but for christ sake can he stop that stupid voice, at least release one song without it.. if the whole cd is him rapping with a weird accent im goona be pissed


I've been i fan of eminem since he first started all of his new stuff is tight and has beat it's real and talks about more than just booty and money unlike all the other rappers you hear on the radia AKA lil wayne your not a rock star welcome back shady.


Good song. But 3 A.M is the best so far


I gotta admit, I think Dre makes a lot of weak sounding beats and this is one of them. Dude is stuck in his early days and he doesn't evolve his sound much. Don't get me wrong, he has produced a few bangers but most times, I'm just not impressed. This beat here sounds like ANYONE can make it if u gave them a month of beat production 101 and it also sounds like one of the many of the other beats he's made that don't have much of anything to it. It's a very, very simple track and simple can be good if it doesn't sound cookie cutter and he's cutting from the same ole tired dough of his own, once again.

As for Em, it's Em. He doesn't sound like he's evolved, neither. Yes, Em is the top rap writer I have ever come across but dude needs to grow his lyrics up a bit. Word play is always tight but content is just plain ole old. He and Dre seem to make a great 90s couple that need to find a time machine to, at the very least, current day, eh?


plz.. dre stop get along with emi..


Eminem is Sick.

His accent changed like 2 times or he just sped up his tempo in the 2nd verse. It's not as bad as 3AM, I'm totally freaking buying relapse, seeing I'm a rapper as well and I only buy good stuff. Rhymes of Em = The Best.


eminem is simply the bizzness,,the man has the juice and even though the bar is high for him he stays consistent, every song has at least one verse you can feel even if he goin off talkn crazy


where the hell do he go

Afro Man

Flippin good song


hi peace Ilove eminem so much
I love him more than life it self and every song he sing it especially beautiful
I am a libyan I have 16 years old and I have english language I am a rapper too and wrote english songs maybe after 5 years you will see me in MTV
as eminem he always say:
I will not fall I will stand tall feels like no one could beat me
ok peace


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