“Ego” Remix ft. Kanye West (Video)

    As Matthew Richardson pointed out in his post about the original video for Beyonce’s “Ego,” I’m starting to think that “Ego” isn’t completely about Beyonce (or Kanye’s) ego. Kanye’s verses on the remix certainly lend that thought some truth, but the entendre doesn’t really make that much sense. I guess Beyonce can’t say the names for genitalia in a song, because she’s above that. But she can say someone’s ego won’t fit, and that’s totally cool. Whatever.


    In the clip above, Kanye spits some verses in a laid back fashion before Beyonce and her “Single Ladies” dancers do some aggressive and metaphor-less dancing with poles. This is technically a remix, and it’s far better than the original, because at least with Kanye on the track there’s something interesting happening. 


    Beyonce’s I Am…Sasha Fierce is out now.