“Easier” (Video – Prefix Premiere)

    This past year Los Angeles band Nico Vega have been busy recording their sophomore album We Are the Art. The trio’s upcoming record revolves around the struggles of being an underdog. 

    “It’s socially conscious music about human struggle and rising up,” singer Aja Vokman explains. “It’s written from the underdog’s point of view, which we can really relate to. We’ve always gotten along with people who have had a lot of struggle.”

    The second track to be released off We Are the Art is “Easier” and we have the music video premiere for you below. In the video directed by the band’s drummer Dan Epand, Vega guitarist Rich Koehler plays the role of a down on his luck mariachi player trying to catch a break.

    According to Epand the inspiration for the video came about on the way to band practice:

    Every day, on the way to and from band rehearsal, we pass this place called “Mariachi Plaza” in Boyle Heights, LA.  It is literally a block in the city where Mariachi hang out, play cards and jam while they try to get picked up for work.  I remember thinking how funny it would be if one time Aja and I were casually driving past and we spotted Rich conspicuously trying to blend in, full Mariachi dress, waving people down, trying to get himself hired as a Mariachi.

    Aja had just had a baby and I, as director, needed an idea that didn’t rely too heavy on either of us.  And I knew Rich would kill for the opportunity to wear that suit… Needless to say it was an easy sell.

    Nico Vega’s sophomore album We Are the Art will be released on Five Seven Music in the spring of 2013.