“DX Heaven” (Unreleased From 2007)

    We recently took a guided tour of Dam-Funk’s home studio, which he has dubbed the Funkmosphere Lab. In addition to showing off his gear, he recorded a new song on the spot in the video. And it was at that moment that it became clear just how frequently the West Coast boogie-man must lay down tracks.

    I mean, how else would dude be able to just give away so much material on his Soundcloud so often? This latest jam might not be new, per se, but it’s never hit the ears of anyone othan than Dam and whoever else he lets hear what must be a huge vault of material. The track in question, “DX Heaven” is a fittingly titled — listen to those waves of synths! — and fully instrumental joint that he recorded back in 2007. 

    You can stream and download “DX Heaven” below.