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DUDES: "Teenage Rebels"

Of course there's a band called DUDES. The name seems to capture the bro-friendly zeitgeist, along with their self-described "swag-rock" sound. Yet there's more to DUDES that meets the eye or ear. It's actually a solo project for San Diego native Ryan Solomon who rarely takes DUDES out of the bedroom.

No matter--he's got a healthy production gift. DUDES just released Summer Vacation, a free EP through its Bandcamp site, and off that EP we've got "Teenage Rebels" for you to sample. It's a busy, messy song, but in the best sense. Mixing hip-hop beats, some noodly Pavement-esque guitar, and swaths of harmonies, "Teenage Rebels" is Frankenstein of a song, yet it lives up to its title in every way imaginable. Take a listen below.


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