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Ducktails: "McGuire in the Ocean" and "Play in the Sun (Departmentstore Santas Cover)"

Ducktails, who have put equally footing in the lo-fi territory covered by bands like Real Estate (of which the man behind Ducktails is a member) and the hazy atmospherics of Memory Tapes, brings us two new tracks. The first, "McGuire in the Ocean," is a relaxing, bubbling bit of vaguely melancholy guitar work interrupted by a lone, slicing synth. "Play in the Sun" is a cover from obscure '80s band Departmentstore Santas that features a kicked-back reggae vibe totally befitting its title. [Pitchfork / GVSB]

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If this is what Real Estate sound like (PF: Best New Music?) then I'm not encouraged.

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This actually isn't what the majority of Ducktails sounds like either (and it sounds nothing like Real Estate). Sounds like a tossed-off track just for fun. In my opinion Ducktails>Real Estate, but both are genuinely enjoyable to listen to.

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