“Drummer Boy” F. Busta Rhymes

    You might want to believe otherwise, but I promise that what I’m about to type isn’t a lie. OK, so Justin Bieber is putting together a Christmas album called Under the Mistletoe. That seems legit, right? Well, it is. But apparently he’s rounded up a slew of artists to join him on the project. Also legit.

    But this is where it starts to get weird and mainstream hip-hop continues to lose any of its edge. The first leak from the album, “Drummer Boy,” features an over-emoting Beebs reimagining the holiday song of the same name with loads of Auto-Tune and shoddy production. But the worst part? He starts rhyming. And so does Busta Rhymes, who emerges for a guest verse and ad libs “GATHER ROUND THE MISTLETOE REAL QUICK.” I quit. Listen below. [Rap Radar]