“Dreams” (Prod. Kanye West) (Reworked Version)

    Before all the craziness and bullshit that marred the release of Game’s The R.E.D. Album, he was just a promising dude from Compton, Calif. with one hell of an ear for beats. He also had a “The” before his name back then, too. The time I’m referring to, of course, is January 2005, which was when he released his still-great debut, The Documentary. And in the years since then, some original versions of the album’s tracks have started showing up online.

    The latest is “Dreams,” which isn’t actually the original cut but rather a reworked version that might have been intended for a scrapped mixtape. While some sites are calling this an “original” take on the track, you’ll hear references to Luther Vandross, Rosa Parks, and Richard Pryor, all of whom passed away in the months following the release of The Documentary. There’s also a mention of sending money to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina, which didn’t occur until some seven months after the album dropped.

    Stream the track below and download it here.