Peach Kelli Pop, the California-based but Canadian-bred pop outfit led by Allie Hanlon, first gained attention in early 2010 with the release of the indisputably adorable video for the single “Do The Eggroll” off the group’s self-titled debut LP.

    Now, two years later, the band returns with a follow-up (and also self-titled) album that gives Peach Kelli Pop’s ditties some much-deserved production polishes without venturing into overly-structured territory. Lead single “Dreamphone” blends bouncy guitar riffs with whimsical chime accompaniment, calling to mind the best of Blondie’s pre-disco efforts. It’s a deceptively simple tune that, in its best moments, serves as a testament to Hanlon’s ability to craft near-perfect pop gems.

    Peach Kelli Pop is available now in Europe via Bachelor Records and will be released in the US via Burger Records next month. Listen to “Dreamphone” below.