“Dreaming” (Video)

    Some of Mayer Hawthorne’s finest music videos — especially the one for “A Long Time” — haven’t really featured much of the blue-eyed soul crooner at all. Instead, he lets his music act as a vehicle for visuals made for hearty laughs and online sharing. The latest example of this comes via the music for his new single, “Dreaming,” a laid-back, sunny-day soul romp.

    The video capitalizes on the slightly romantic nature of the track by showcasing a date in which Hawthorne brings two girls to a pizza joint. While he fawns over both as they share a slice a pizza, the true stars of the clip show up in the the Rock-afire Explosion. Yes, I’m talking about the O.G. animatronic band, which isn’t so creepy now that I’m an adult. Kind of. You can watch the video below.