“Dragon’s Lair” (Video)


    Sunset Rubdown’s Dragonslayer is a typically ambitious effort from Spencer Krug and his band, and they’ve delivered a suitably portentous video for the closing track of the album, the 11-minute long “Dragon’s Lair.” The clip is a perfect match for Krug’s prog-tastic sounds, and quite naturally involves lots of horses, swords and hooded figures.


    If you’ve longed to see witch-like figures playing broomsticks like guitars in a mirror that may or may not be floating in space, “Dragon’s Lair” is the music video you’ve spent most of your life looking for. It’s amusing, perhaps intentionally so, and pompous in the extreme, but anyone with a cursory knowledge of the band’s music probably wouldn’t expect anything less.


    [via Pitchfork]