“Doughnut For A Snowman”

    Indie-rock godfathers Guided By Voices are preparing to release Let’s Go Eat the Factory on Jan. 16, their first studio effort since 2004’s Half Smiles of the Decomposed and first with the “classic” lineup of Pollard, Sprout, Mitchell, Fennell and Demos since 1996. “Doughnut for a Snowman” is our second glimpse of the record after “The Unsinkable Fats Domino“, and it’s as shambling and hooky as we’ve come to expect from GBV, although it contains a few more dessert references than usual. The single’s receiving advance release as a 7” on Nov. 28, packed with four B-sides; you can stream the track below. [130 BPM]

    Guided By Voices – Doughnut For A Snowman by FIRE RECORDS