“Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” F. Santigold (Video)

    Much like the absolutely awesome video for “Make Some Noise,” the Beastie Boys have really gone the extra mile for their visuals for Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2‘s latest single, the Santigold-assisted “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win.” That means that we will indeed be seeing an extended version of this one, too.


    And as we reported, the Beasties went even further to ensure this video is just as amazing as its predecessor by teaming up again with director Spike Jonze. He, of course, was at the helm of previous classic Beasties videos as “Sabotage” and “Sure Shot.”


    Although, this time Jonze has turned the trio and their guest not into moustachioed crime fighters but … action figures! That’s right, Ad-Rock, Mike D, MCA, and Santigold all transform into figurines who fight off assassins and avoid dying at the jaws of sharks and zombies. That’s right. Zombies. Best video of 2011? We’ll see.


    Update: Here is the extended version.