‘Don’t Mention It’ (Mixtape)

    Well, that didn’t take too long, now did it? Pac Div’s new mixtape, Don’t Mention It, has hit the web just a few hours after I (and other hip-hop heads) posted its latest leak, “Shine.” I will try to reserve my excitement for this project, but anyone who has heard this California trio’s previous work knows they are in for a treat. Their sound is a blend of that distinctly new Cali-sound, which blends minimalist samples and beats over heavy bass, while paying homage to old school boom-bap. It also helps that these guys can make interesting tracks whether they’re rapping about picking up women, quitting their jobs, running for mayor, or whatever they feel like. This project is, hopefully, a prelude of their upcoming Grown Kid Syndrome debut.


    You can download Don’t Mention It, which features Colin Munroe and Pill, here (via 2DopeBoyz).