“Don’t Look Back” (Live On Ferguson) (Video)


    Being introduced by a glove puppet may not be the most appropriate way to usher in a She & Him performance, but that’s the chance you take if you run the full gamut of the late night talk shows. At least M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel gave a more confident, less nervous performance than their previous TV exploits with this version of “Don’t Look Back” on Craig Ferguson’s show last night (July 26).


    This is the duo at their poppy peak, with the fluffy Motown feel beautifully combining with some Hawaiian guitar stylings from Ward and the country-ish twang in Deschanel’s voice. The touring undertaken to promote Volume 2 has clearly helped crush Deschanel’s awkward disposition onstage, which should fend off any more of those “crazy coke eyes” blog posts.