“Dollar Signs” f. Rick Ross

    I always like to see what happens when two very different rap artists get together on the same track for the first time — whether one rapper bends his style toward that of his collaborator, or if there’s a genuine melding. Rick Ross and Three 6 Mafia are both from the south, but that’s where the similarities end: Ross is all about glistening yacht music, while Three 6 Mafia are dungeon-dwellers.

    As far as I can tell, “Dollar Signs” is the first non-remix track that Three 6 Mafia and Ross have appeared on together,and it’s one of those collaborations that takes a little bit from each artist to make a weird new concoction. There’s a cheesy pretty-boy Miami vocal on the chorus, but it’s undercut by the menacing synth lines and rapid-fire high hats that are staples of Three 6’s sound. Rick Ross rolls out of his Maybach on the first verse in epic kingpin mode, but then Juicy J and DJ Paul come out irate as usual, rapping as if endless wealth is not a source of joy but another instrument in their endless arsenal of scary.

    The track (which can be downloaded over at TrapsnTrunks) will supposedly be included on Three 6’s forthcoming, oft-pushed back Laws of Power. If Juicy J and DJ Paul can incorporate other rappers into their world as easily as they have included Ross on “Dollar Signs,” that album will indeed be worth waiting for.