“Do Wrong Part 2” (Video)

    The promotional team behind Freddie Gibbs and his Str8 Killa EP (and Str8 Killa No Filla mixtape) has been on its grind as of late. After spending a week over at Yours Truly and subsequently popping up on music blogs and sites everywhere, Gibbs is kicking off the week with visuals for a track appearing on the iTunes version of the EP.


    “Do Wrong Part 2” is the follow-up to a song that appears on his mixtape, though that cut featured fellow gangster-centric rapper Pill. The sequel, however, finds Gibbs rapping alone and shooting off unrelenting, thuggish rhymes over a smooth, watery production. The visuals are kind of complementary to the track’s lyrics, particularly the parts about a particular female, Gibbs’ day-to-day thoughts, and his upbringing. Just don’t expect anything especially moving and you’ll dig this, otherwise just listen to the EP, which, if you didn’t know, is fantastic.


    The Str8 Killa EP is in stores now.


    [The Smoking Section]