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Dntel: "Flares" / "After Parties"

While Ben Gibbard has been marrying adorable movie starlets, recording with Death Cab For Cutie, and even performing solo, the other half of Postal Service, Jimmy Tamborello a.k.a. Dntel, has been relatively quiet. Last we heard from him was 2007's Dumb Luck. Now word has dropped that the man is coming out with a pair of new EPs through Sub Pop, titled After Parties 1 and After Parties 2. Featuring eight new songs and, surprisingly, zero collaborates, both EPs are set to drop on Dec. 7. In advance, Dntel has given us the tracks "Flares" and "After Parties," both of which move from Tamborello's more pop-oriented electronic leanings toward house territory. Microhouse clicks mix with 8-bit blorps on "After Parties," while "Flares" soundtracks the dull, neon glow of listening to the club through a floor of cement. For the price of an e-mail address, you can download both of these excellent tracks below. [MBV]




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Now this I'm excited for. I loved Dumb Luck, but I'd forgotten about it for at least two years before reading this.

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Yeah me too. Dumb Luck is a great album.

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