“DNA” And “Sour Cherry” (Live On Carson Daly) (Video)

    Carson Daly has been broadening the scope of the musical offerings he presents on TV, with the host currently dividing his time between the ultra-mainstream fare of The Voice and the more indie-based Last Call. Well, a dude’s gotta work, right? Last Call featured a couple of live clips of the Kills earlier this week, with the newly expanded band performing “DNA” and “Sour Cherry.” The Last Call clips are always the most enjoyable way to watch artists perform on the late night talk show circuit, and these videos are no exception, with the band performing to an expectant crowd that really feeds off the energy of Alison “VV” Mosshart and Jamie “Hotel” Hince. Are we still using those nicknames? It feels like the Kills dropped those at some point. Check out “DNA” and “Sour Cherry” below. [via The Audio Perv]