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DJ Khaled: "Fed Up" f. Usher, Young Jeezy, Drake, & Rick Ross (Video)

Everything about this video screams mid-to-late 1990s' Bad Boy. From the opening scene where DJ Khaled meets with Asian gang members to the car chase to everything else, it looks like a less-than-fun version of Biggie's "Hypnotize" video. Also, the ending might be one of more unintentionally hilarious things seen this year. As a song, "Fed Up" is more of the same from everyone involved as it's "money money money" in the verses. And that's not a bad thing necessarily, it's just kind of bland for what appeared to be a promising "posse" cut. "Fed Up" appears on Khaled upcoming Victory album set to drop on Feb. 16, 2010.


[Nah Right]

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DJ Khaled

Hi Community,
Still your Girl from North north baby, from Real city (MTL) 514
Why would someone choose to work in a prison, as a Correctional Officer?
1. Because I wished to be a Police, but I was too dumm at learning how to f*** Up hustlers business. (OR)
2. Because I needed a Job like everybody else, but I’m a REAL coward suffering of DEEP Inferiority syndrom, means; by beeing a C.O. I will confront “face to face” REAL gangsters, but those “Monkeys” will never be able to respond back to me; I’m the Boss here…
[My Guess is No. 2]
Look, would you choose to work OR would you see yourself as a C.O….
Your answer is NO; Now ask yourself WHY?
*Would you be a C.O’s fan, would you?
Why this fake “ganster, rapper”; call himself BOSS….
His EGO is so Big, that he is recognize Globaly as a Liar.
William Leonard Roberts is a Mythomaniac, he is the biggest fraud that we’ve seen thus far…
While beeing a C.O.: (A pain in the ass, for convicts).
He took a Still alive convict Name, took the Style, covered himself of Tatoos like convicts….You know, beeing a fake gangsta…
But no doubt he was a State Officer.
On the TOP of all, he also add “Notorious” came to his dream & bla bla bla; Dreamer PLEEEAAASE!…
Rick Ross has no conscious, his TYPE of Lyrics is fine, but his Music has no BASE, only lies created by his “personality disorders” syndrom.
Notorious Big has a REAL story behind his Success, Tupac has a REAL story behind his Success, 50 Cent has a REAL story behind his Success; And many more, but not Officer Ricky…
Rap is all about Respect, and Rick Ross is living the life of someone he never was & never existed..
*Who’s dumb now, Him or the Fans?:
The answer is BOTH…


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