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Discodeine: "Synchronize" f. Jarvis Cocker

Britpop legend Jarvis Cocker lends his signature vocals to "Synchronize," the kickoff single from Discodeine's forthcoming full-length. The dancefloor may not be the most obvious place to find Cocker--from "Disco 2000" to proper disco--but the Pulp frontman's sleazy, world-weary croon is the perfect foil to Pilooski and Pentile's floor-filling beats.


Bonding over a mutual love for sci-fi movies, avant-garde electro, and South Western French cuisine, iconic French producers Pilooski and Pentile collaborated on a series of hit remixes, working their magic on Metromony, Yelle, Whomadewho, and Photonz. As Discodeine, they then set to work on their much-anticipated debut album of all original material with a handful of as-yet-unnamed guest vocalists, coming next year.


If you'll pardon the pun, Cocker's elegant, late-night vibes fall perfectly in sync with Discodeine's house synths and '70s string arrangements. It's no wonder that this high-pedigree, dirty disco dream-team has created such a nightclub smash; perhaps next year's Pulp reunion can expect a little more slick electro?


"Synchronize," available for pre-order now, comes out Dec. 6 on DFA Records in the US and Canada and D-I-R-T-Y in Europe.


Download "Synchronize" here.


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"world-weary" is a good adjective for jarvis. Jarvis actually spends a lot of time thinking about dancing and going out (if not actually doing it), from "Discosong" to "Sorted for Ez and Whizz" blah blah blah. The man loves talking about dancing.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Arabacus/henry-inman-xx-a-gentleman-of-the-wilkes-family-1838jpg.jpg Arabacus

Haha, true. I was also thinking about Relaxed Muscle, but I don't know how fondly people remember them...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/exiteverything/1515e181e4ebd0c3e001f3adba736deejpeg.jpeg Hilary Beck

Kind of his Tin Machine phase.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Arabacus/henry-inman-xx-a-gentleman-of-the-wilkes-family-1838jpg.jpg Arabacus

Forget Pulp, I wanna see a Relaxed Muscle reunion and world tour. I wanna hear 'Sexualized'... ("I ain't got no more time for a wife so, sex me, sex me, sex me, sex me, sex me, sex me, sex me, sex me.")
So Darren Spooner and the other dude, dust off that skeleton suit and get back... or I will attack.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/tenor/6a00d8341c301153ef0120a6403753970c-450wijpg.jpg tenor

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