‘Dirty South Dance 2’ (Mixtape)

    While I personally have to be in the right mood (slightly inebriated) to truly enjoy blend tapes like this, A-Trak’s got a solid track record in terms of churning out solid projects of this breed. He dropped the original Dirty South Dance mixtape several years ago and has now prepped its sequel that is just as crunk-filled as the original. I’m into the third song and, so far, I have heard A-Trak blend disco and house tracks with the likes of Ludacris and Gucci Mane, for some rather enjoyable results. And even though it’s a little too early for me to be blaring this mixtape from my speakers, you know I’ll be saving it for later today…or, at least, later this week.


    You can stream Dirty South Dance 2 below. You can also go here to download the mixtape for free.