“Different Guidelines” (Prefix Premiere)

    Forget Deltron for a second. Because those who heard Parallel Uni-Verses, Del’s excellent 2009 album with Tame One and production crew Parallel Thought, should be psyched to know Del is back with a second PThought-produced project on Attractive Sin, dropping later this month. The new album finds Del repping Oakland and dropping his slithery rhymes over some East Coast beats from producing duo Drum and Knowledge. 

    Back in early April, we premiered “If Ya Don’t”, a great non-album track, but “Different Guidelines” is the first single from the record and shows both Del and PThought killing it. Del recounts his initiation into hip-hop, and fittingly namedrops mentor Ice Cube (“Cube said he’ll fuck with me if I stuck with it”), a man responsible for his own sweet east-west collaboration. Del pays tribute to his past but also ain’t about a humble brag, shifting gears to “spew feces on BGs, easy” in the second verse. Behind him, Drum and Knowledge drop a soulful beat, with a lilting sax sample weaving through a grimy, bass-heavy thump. It’s brilliant, late-night rainy stuff, but Del doesn’t lay back over all that soul — he attacks on these two hyper-wordy verses. With tunes like this alongside Parallel Thought, it’s clear the Funky Homosapien doesn’t need to leave for planet Deltron to blow our minds. 

    Check the tune out below and let us know what you think. Attractive Sin is out June 19.