“Diesel Fluid” F. Method Man, Trife Diesel & Cappadonna (Video)

    “Diesel Fluid” isn’t necessarily the weakest track on Wu-Tang Clan’s forthcoming compilation-style release, Legendary Weapons. I would give opener “Start the Show” that honor. But “Diesel Fluid” kind of stumbles given the fact that Cappadonna and Ghostface protege Trife Diesel simply aren’t the most entertaining MCs under the Wu umbrella. But they do have Method Man on their side here.

    Also, producer Noah Rubin and his collaborators, Andrew Kelley and M.O.P.’s Fizzy Womack, have laced the track some of that good ol’ New York boom-bap. As if that wasn’t enough to help, director R.B. Umali — aka the guy behind every Zoo York skating video — shot the ill visuals that accompany “Diesel Fluid.” It all makes for a single that could have fell flat, but thankfully it doesn’t.


    Legendary Weapons drops July 26.