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Diarrhea Planet: "Warm Ridin'"

If you were on Twitter late last night (and you follow our account), you might have noticed that our fearless leader Dave Park was gushing about this relatively new act, Diarrhea Planet. As he said, "[J]ust started listening and loving this band. They're called @DiarrheaPlanet. No joke. Loving them." And yeah, while their band name might lead you to think they're messing around, you'll realize they're not once you hear their latest single, "Warm Ridin'."

It's a drunken brawler of a punk tune that barely makes its way to the two-minute mark. These Nashville shit-kickers have been compared to the Ramones, which is certainly an astute observation given the short running time and emphasis on rowdiness and catchiness. So yeah, we can hear that influence, too.

You can listen to "Warm Ridin'" here. It stems from the band's upcoming debut, Loose Jewels, that's due out Sept. 20 on JEFF the Brotherhood's Infinity Cat Recordings.

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Diarrhea Planet

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